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With WEISCHERplay, you have control over all the elements of the pre-show programme – whether cinema advertising, film trailers or your own advertising – with maximum flexibility and fully automated. Even based on individual showings. WEISCHERplay also takes care of the file transmission to the cinema.

Use your Theater Management System (TMS) for automatising advertising

  • Generation of master playlists with placeholders for advertising, trailers* and cinema-own advertising*
    * WEISCHERshow allows you to integrate the trailers and your own advertising into your pre-show programme!
  • Display your pre-show advertising programme via a browser app and manual download functionality
  • WEISCHERplay supports all standard TMS manufacturers:
    • Arts Alliance Media, Produkt: Screenwriter
    • CinéDigital Manager, Produkt: CinéDigital Manager
    • CinemaNext (Ymagis), Produkt: CinemaNext TMS
    • OneCinema (ehemals Eikona Cinema Solution) Produkt: CinemaOne TMS 
    • Kinoton Digital Solutions, Produkt: Kinoton TMS
    • Sony, Produkt: STM-100
    • Unique X, Produkt: RosettaBridge

On top of that, you can participate in campaigns which, thanks to their automated broadcasting and in contrast to weekly manual advertising bookings, can be flexibly deployed on a daily basis.

Technically, it is even possible to adjust the playlist just minutes before the film starts, such as to match current weather conditions.

Do you want to find out more about WEISCHERplay? Let’s talk – and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.


Do you not have a Theater Management System?
No problem!

  • We provide the WEISCHERplay Box, which can broadcast your pre-show programme in an automated way. It enables the WEISCHERplay and WEISCHERshow functionalities.
  • Once configured, the Box takes over the automated broadcasting of your pre-show advertising programme.
  • The WEISCHERplay Box aligns the content of your playlists on the cinema’s servers with WEISCHERplay in cyclic intervals and then fills these with the advertising booked for your cinema. Any missing ads are automatically downloaded.