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Master your visual and audio data and encode your Digital Cinema Package (DCP) in an automated way – fast and effortlessly. Plan your DCP using WEISCHERshow, then broadcast it using WEISCHERplay. This means you can integrate your DCP into your media library as an element of your pre-show programme, amongst others.

How to get started

We want to make your life as easy as possible. Which is why our process is very simple:

  • Upload:
    Stills, image sequences, container formats, etc.
  • Check:
    Resolution, frame refresh rate, audio channels, Leq level, run time
  • Result:
    Tester result, incl. preview file via email
  • Mastering:
    Adjustment of frame refresh rate if needed, resolution, stereo to 5.1 (blow-up)
  • Encoding:
    DCP, MP4 preview, storyboard
  • Delivery:
    Uploading to the (S)FTP

That’s it. Your DCP is ready to go. It couldn’t get any simpler than that.


Do you want to send us an ad?

Have you booked advertising with us or work in an agency? You can send us your ad via our upload portal But please remember: you need an access ID from Weischer.Cinema first.
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Are you a cinema operator?

Are you a cinema operator and would like to integrate your own content as a DCP into your playlists? Use WEISCHERup as a separate service. We can then provide you the finalised DCP via SFTP if you like. In connection with WEISCHERshow, you can also easily upload your content via the app. The content is then ready for you a few moments later in the Media Library.